A malicious USPS advertisement solicits banking information.

A malicious USPS advertisement solicits banking information

1-The USPS Phishing Scam:

A concerning trend has recently emerged in which cybercriminals are using the USPS brand to trick users into disclosing their banking credentials. These malicious ads frequently masquerade as legitimate USPS notifications, enticing people with convincing messages about package deliveries or account updates. However, behind the seemingly innocuous exterior is a dangerous attempt to collect personal information for illicit purposes.

2-How to Safeguard Yourself:

Simply tune your security solutions to protect and block the IOCs listed below:

As cybercrime becomes more sophisticated, it is critical to remain vigilant and informed in order to avoid falling victim to malicious ad campaigns. We can defend against these attempts to compromise our banking credentials by remaining vigilant, verifying the legitimacy of online communications, and implementing strong security practices. Let us work together to outwit cybercriminals and make the internet a safer place for everyone.

Our SOC department at Teknologiia is always ready to assist you.

Original source: Teknologiia team

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