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Teknologiia - V1CE CARD, NFC card
For years, enterprise proprietors/managers have been using business cards that have transformed inquiries into customers. Growing an audience in a noisy world is hard, and remembering to bring a business card for conferences or outside meetings is regularly forgotten.So why not upgrade your business with e-business cards and no longer deliver traditional ones?V1ce business cards include NFC technology or near field communication that permits contactless records to switch among two devices, a phone, and the v1ce card. To correctly operate, all the requirements are NFC devices, one to pass and one to receive the data. For example, a v1ce business card can convey to an NFC receiver on a smartphone.If you have ever paid for an item using contactless pay, then you have used NFC protocols. However, in this case, you are passing your contact information, websites info, and social media profiles just by one click, like contactless bills; no apps or installations are needed.Creating and using your V1ce profile is easy with only some clicks; you can allow, edit and sort what you want to share securely. You can also easily control and manage all your information with a single card by switching between profiles to share different details. You can promote who you are and what you do in a single tab. Your audience can, without any problems, save your contact information, social media profiles, and hyperlinks to the whole thing you do.In the opposite of traditional cards, the v1ce card allows you to track and follow your number of followers (clicks) on your profile and then processed with marketing and advertising campaigns to get more clicks sales and profits.With V1ce cards, no more messing around with ancient paper trade cards; all you have to do is just putting all your contact’s data right where every individual spends most of their time: their phone! 
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