What is Fraud? How to prevent it?

What fraud is, how does it happen, and what are the best fraud prevention tools?  Online businesses are becoming increasingly vulnerable to security breaches, and there has been an alarming increase in e-commerce fraud incidents. 

Teknologiia’s Tailor-Made Cloud Computing solutions

What is cloud computing? Cloud computing means providing on-demand IT resources over the Internet with cost-per-use pricing. Instead of buying, owning, and maintaining physical data centers, you can take advantage of technology services, such as compute, storage, and database capabilities, in a manner based on your needs through a cloud service provider.

Mobile Website VS Mobile Application

1. Introduction The most important question to ask is: Does the difference between web applications and websites affect businesses? This is what we care about, which made us as Teknologiia interested in clarifying the differences between them, and we will try to simplify it in the next lines.