Linux For Apple M1 Macs is Finally Here, Thanks To Corellium

Linux For Apple M1 Macs is Finally Here, Thanks To Corellium

Just when we thought that Desktop/Notebooks on ARM chipsets doesn’t make any sense, Apple came up with a revolutionary chipset M1 and showed the world what it’s capable of. Unlike other Mac counterparts with Intel CPUs, M1 lacked the ability to run Linux, until yesterday. Thanks to Corellium, running Linux for M1 Macs is now possible.

The company known for winning a lawsuit against Apple has finally created its own Linux OS for M1 Macs. This certainly opens doors for other Linux communities to do the same.

Corellium’s Linux For M1 Macs Is In Early Beta Stages

Creator of Linux, Linus Torvalds, wanted M1 Macbook Air to run Linux, and it’s finally a reality. Corellium’s CTO, Chris Wade, tweeted yesterday that Corellium’s Linux OS is available and is in very early beta stages.

Adding to that, he also warned users to go ahead with the installation only if they know what they’re doing. More details about the “full release with USB” were supposed to be revealed today, but there’s no update yet.

The early beta release is now available for download on Corellium’s official website and is called the “Linux Macho.” If you own an M1 Mac and want to try Linux, we’d suggest you wait as the installation process can be hard.

The M1 chip from Apple is surely an engineering marvel but, the only major con is, as it is based on ARM, many applications use virtualization technique which either affects their performance or users face unexpected crashes.

This isn’t a new problem as “Always Connected PCs” powered by Qualcomm’s ARM SoCs also lack the ability to run software like Adobe’s Suite.

Either way, it’s pretty impressive to see the community progress after just three months of the launch of M1, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Originally published at https://fossbytes-com.cdn.ampproject.org.

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