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Azure, launched by Microsoft in February 2010, is a public cloud computing platform that is fast and flexible; its prices and capabilities make it the best public cloud offering in the market. Azure provides a diversity of traditional cloud services such as storage, applications, software, and infrastructure. 

What is Microsoft Azure? 

The importance of Microsoft Azure?  

Who cares about Microsoft Azure? 

How to get Microsoft Azure? 

Microsoft Azure is unique in providing services based on the remarkable exploitation of Microsoft technologies such as Active Directory and SQL Server. 

What is Microsoft Azure? 

It is a cloud computing platform, with several cloud services provided, which include Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) which can be used in Services like analytics, storage, networking and much more. 

The most important thing that distinguishes Microsoft Azure from other cloud platforms:  

1. Reliable: It has a reliability of 99.95%, and it has technical support at any time. 

2. Global: The data can be accessed at any geographical location simultaneously. 

3. Economic: only what you use is paid. 

4. Flexible: the use of resources can be expanded or reduced according to the company’s needs and growth. 

5. Unlocked: this means it supports almost any operating system, language, tool, or framework. 

The importance of Microsoft Azure?  

Azure can provide computing resources instantly on-demand and also control the cost. There is no longer need to invest in a large pool of money to set up a data center, buy its hardware, or pay employees all can be replaced by Azure; as Microsoft Azure can Host everything you need from your in-house email system to websites, public services, and mobile apps.   

Microsoft provides organizations that want to centralize and manage their computers with running Azure Active Directory Server, which allows organizations to get all the features of central management without requiring them to host their server. 

Who cares about Microsoft Azure? 

Organizations that currently work with Microsoft technologies, especially Windows Server and Active Directory, will have a promising opportunity to upgrade Azure. 

Small start-up companies that lack the capital to provide hardware or rent dedicated servers in a traditional data center, which they will find in Azure to help them control the cost according to the resources used. 

How to get Microsoft Azure? 

If you are looking for Microsoft Azure Specialist for your tech support business, then contact our Teknologiia experienced team. 

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