Phishing Awareness: Don’t take the bait.

Teknologiia - Phishing email awareness
Amid the panic and anxiety that COVID-19 is bringing to the world, cybercriminals are seeing this as a perfect opportunity to strike while your guard is down.​What is Phishing?Phishing is an attempt to steal your money or identity by exposing personal information, such as credit card numbers, bank information, or passwords on websites using an email that pretends to be legitimate. Cybercriminals usually pretend to be from well-known companies, friends, or acquaintances in fake messages, which include links to phishing sites. Learn how to identify a phishing messageCybercriminals have successfully used emails, text messages, or direct messages on social media or in video games to get people to provide their personal information. The best way to be protected from such attacks is being aware and knowing what to look for. Here are some ways to identify a phishing email👇Teknologiia - Phishing email awarenessWhat to do if you notice that you have fallen victim to phishingIn case you suspect that you have fallen victim to phishing, there are a few things you should do.1-Once you pay attention to this, write down as detailed as possible about the attack as you remember it. In particular, try to note any information such as usernames, account numbers, or passwords that you may have shared.2-You can change the passwords of the accounts that have been attacked immediately, and anywhere else you might have used the same password. As you change passwords, you should set a unique and strong password for each account.3-Turn on multi-factor authentication (also known as two-step verification)4-If this attack affects your work or school accounts, you should report the potential attacks to the technology support team at your work or school. If you share information about credit cards or bank accounts you may want to contact these companies, as well as alert them to the supposed fraud.5-If you lose money or fall victim to identity theft, report it to local law enforcement. For any clarifications or help, Teknologiia’s team is ready to assist your needs. Origin Source: Teknologiia
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