The Evolution of Security Operations and Strategies for Creating an Effective Network Operations Center

The evolution of security operations- Teknologiia- Leb/UAE

Cybersecurity threats are becoming more sophisticated, malicious, well-organized, and well-funded. The widespread use of AI-powered tools and technologies will lead to highly personalized; high-impact cyberattacks. An empowered security operations center (SOC) is required to address the complexity and sophistication of such attacks.

Traditionally, a network operations center (NOC) would focus on network alerts, with availability as the primary goal. The main responsibilities of a NOC were network device management and performance monitoring.

1-What does Network Operations Center mean?

Network Operations Center (NOC) is a central location through which network administrators manage, control, and monitor one or more networks. The overall function is to maintain optimal network operations across a variety of platforms, media, and communication channels.

Large network service providers are associated with network operating centers, which feature a visual representation of the monitored networks and workstations where detailed network states are monitored.

2- Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Cloud Network Operations Center (NOC)

The Network Operation Center monitors the communications network for alarms or certain conditions. They monitor power outages, communication line alarms, and performance issues that may affect networks. NOCs can analyze problems, perform troubleshooting, communicate with site technicians, and track problems until they are resolved.

Network operation centers include rows of walls facing video walls, which display critical alert details, ongoing incidents, and overall network performance. Individual offices are assigned to a specific technology. Back walls of the network operating centers are glazed and an attached room is used for team members handling critical incidents.

Almost all web hosting companies and ISPs use NOCs to control and manage internal communications and manage and secure their traffic.

3-SOC Evolution

SOCs were initially implemented for government and defense organizations. An early SOC‘s primary responsibilities included handling virus alerts, detecting and preventing intrusions, and responding to incidents. Large corporations and banks began to implement similar monitoring operations after 2000:

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