VMware Market Position 2021

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Our Opinion regarding Pat Gelsinger Waves jumps from VMware to Intel.

Honestly, we don’t know why he has left, but what we are sure about that the VMware future is a bit indefinite and uncertain. Virtualization is getting way more affordable than before; meanwhile, VMware is charging a fortune for licensing, and it doesn’t have anything else or advanced to present for its customers. Meanwhile, Docker and Kubernetes are claiming that all apps’ future will be on containers and not on virtual machines, here we are talking about the revolution of containerization. It will reshape the way we develop codes and apps. Kubernetes is the new trend in the USA and Europe, as we all know, we are always four years behind the latest technologies. Considering the Middle East, we believe that the VMware situation is in a good position for at least the coming years. According to the stated facts, we can assume that they won’t get affected by this for the time being. But eventually, containers are more affordable, and they offer more scalability with less cost than the virtual machines do, and they will inherit the space.

Originally published at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/vmware-market-position-2021-mazen-n-daccache

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