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The Windows Server 2022 will be available before the end of 2021, primarily bringing the concept of Secure Core from Windows client to the server world with Secure Core Servers combining the Windows Containers improvements. Windows Server 2022, also known as vNext and Windows Server 21H2, has exciting new features. We will mention the most interesting ones.

Secured-cored technology:

With a growing number of cyber-security threats and the impact of incidents escalating quickly, security is a top priority for our customers.

Windows Server 2022 is also bringing multi-layered security features across OS and hardware via secure-cored server technology. It uses the Trusted Platform Module 2.0 and System Guard to boot up Windows Server securely and minimize risk from firmware vulnerabilities. Secured-core server also includes virtualization-based security (VBS) features like Credential Guard and Hypervisor-protected code integrity (HVCI). Credential Guard provides preventative defense for sensitive assets like credentials, and HVCI applies hardware-rooted security to prevent advanced malware from tampering with the system.

Disaster recovery:

Windows Server 2022 will have improved disaster recovery because of Windows Server’s Storage Replica features which will allow Azure Stack HCI to run across multiple sites. Some improvements include automatic detection of nodes using active directory and IP addresses, separate storage pools for site configurations, and automatic adjustments of sites in case of cluster failure.

Improved Containerization:

Containers remain Microsoft’s fundamental focus as they are extensively used in modern software development to make development and deployment easy and cost-effective.

Microsoft Server 2022 will have increased support for Windows containers, with a thin and secure hypervisor to reduce dependencies between the host operating system and containerized applications.

Windows Server 2022 will have faster download times and better performance, thanks to compressed Windows Container image sizes.

Hybrid Cloud:

Windows Server 2022 will have improved Hybrid Cloud capabilities, as Microsoft is rolling out essential improvements in Azure Arc to allow you to manage Windows Server on-premise in multi-cloud environments from a single, simple control panel.

You can easily control and implement Azure management capabilities including, Azure Policy, Azure Defender, and Azure Monitor.

Windows Server 2022 has an improved Windows Admin Center v2103 with resolute virtual machine management capabilities and features.


Microsoft Hyper-V Manager is an administrative tool to manage virtual machines. Windows Server 2022 is bringing the following changes to Hyper-V Manager.

  • New action bar
  • Live storage migration
  • Affinity and Anti-Affinity Rules
  • VM Clones
  • Ability to move running workloads between servers, and
  • Improved security with optimized CPU hyperthreading and secure workloads via CPU groups

You will also be able to use the partitioning tool to give VMs access to physical GPUs of your choice, boosting performance and output.

Special Protection for Cryptocurrency:

Looking to the future, Windows Server 2022 also brings new features to ensure security for cryptocurrency mining. The cryptocurrency industry is facing a formidable threat from ransomware attacks. Given the many incentives motivating these attacks, raising the bar for attackers is a clear and urgent need for Windows Server and Azure Stack HCI.

VBS and HVCI protect against this entire class of vulnerabilities given the isolation VBS provides between the privileged parts of the operating system such as the kernel and the rest of the system. VBS also provides additional capabilities that customers can enable like Credential Guard, which better protects domain credentials.

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Originally published at Mazen N. Daccache | LinkedIn.

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