Cybersecurity Posture Scoring

Cybersecurity Posture Scoring

The impact of Crowdstrike and Cloudflare’s Real-Time Posture Scoring Integration.

Integrating CrowdStrike’s endpoint security and Cloudflare’s Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is a pivotal advancement. This synergy allows for real-time cybersecurity posture scoring from CrowdStrike to inform Cloudflare’s ZTNA decisions, ensuring that only endpoints with a secure posture gain access to the internet.

This significant integration signifies a shift from traditional network security models to a more dynamic, risk-based approach. With ZTNA, access is no longer a binary decision. It’s a continuous evaluation where the endpoint’s security posture is key to determining access levels. This underscores the importance of maintaining a robust security posture for all endpoints.

This integration means that any endpoint, whether a laptop in a coffee shop or a server in a data center, must maintain a robust security posture as assessed by CrowdStrike to access Cloudflare’s secure internet pathways. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration in the cybersecurity industry and a step forward in implementing the Zero Trust model, where trust is never assumed and must consistently be earned.

By adopting this integrated approach, organizations can ensure that their networks are resilient against sophisticated threats, providing peace of mind in an era where cyber risks are ever-present.

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